Weathering the Storms of Life

Jan 12, 2017 | Posted by in Biblical Foundation, Biblical Homemaking, Family | 0
Weathering the Storms of Life

You may have noticed I’ve been pretty quiet lately. That’s because sometimes life just gets complicated and things don’t go as planned. We have all experienced the storms of life. And I’ve had my own to weather these last few months. It has been challenging, and my faith has been tested. Some days I relied on GodRead more …

Hidden Costs of Homeschooling

Nov 17, 2016 | Posted by in Biblical Homemaking, Family, Homeschool | 0
The Hidden Costs of Homeschooling

Have you wondered about the hidden costs of homeschooling? You know, the stuff that no one tells you about. It’s more than just deciding and purchasing your curriculum. There are little surprises along the way that most homeschooling families don’t realize when they are first starting out. Hidden costs of homeschooling Toilet Paper – You never haveRead more …

The Reality of Homeschooling

Reality of Homeschooling

I saw a post recently in an online homeschool group asking about the hidden costs of homeschooling. As I scrolled through and chuckled to myself at some of the responses, I was reminded of the early years in our homeschooling journey. The Perfect Homeschooling Day When we first started out on our homeschooling journey, IRead more …